Study Tour 2018 - Kē jì zhī lǚ

In the summer of 2018 a group of 22 students will visit China on a study tour organized by E.T.S.V. Scintilla. The study tour’s theme name ‘Kē jì zhī lǚ’ (‘Technology Road’) emphasizes the focus on both innovative technology and it’s cultural underpinning. China’s growing economy has achieved great advancements in innovative technological developments. These are made possible by a culture which is geared towards continuous improvement at a very fast pace.
Through visits to companies and universities we hope to get an understanding of the newest technologies, it’s underlying tech-culture and the methods used. Creating our own Technology Road connecting two continents.

Pascale van de Ven
Chairman of the study tour ‘Kē jì zhī lǚ’ 2018

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  • Aftermovie

    Today, the SPOCK5 photo book and aftermovie were released at the monthly Vrimibo Scintillae. Watch this aftermovie below!

    By: Robin Lohuis February 8, 2019
  • Day 23

    This was the last day of our awesome study tour. We had only one thing planned and that was the party boat. Although, the weather was not perfect we still went out in to the bay of Hong Kong. After one hour of sailing we dropped the anchor.

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    By: Wouter Horlings August 12, 2018
  • Day 22

    Today we visited Macau, Macau is the gameling center of asia. But it hasn’t been for long. It formerly was a colony of portugal and served as a trading post. It stayed under potuguese contrul until 1999 this is one of the reasons why al signs and other writen text on the island are in Chinese and in Portugese. We took the TurboJet to the northen part of macau, where the old portugese city is located, there we saw the remains of the old church and the fortress. We where supposed to meet at 18.30 at “the Golden Peacock” a restaurant located in The Venetian one of the giant casinos. But every one got stuck in the trafic / misjudged the time needed to go from the northen island to the south or just took the wrong bus. But after rescheduling our reservation everyone made it there “in time”.

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    By: Daan Pendavingh August 11, 2018
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