After a longer night sleep then the day before, the journey for breakfast began. This was one of the more challenging activities this trip. First getting to breakfast and obtaining a table took 20 minutes but when we finally reached the buffet everybody enjoyed it excessively. However to get to the lobby to wait for the bus was the real problem. After waiting 20 minutes for the elevator we decided to take the stairs but we found that the lobby could not be reached. So we ended up stuck on the 2nd floor, where we had to wait again.

Luckily, we were just in time for the bus towards ASRC (Aviation Service Research Centre). Here, we were able to see some new innovations that might be implemented in the repairing industry of Boeing’s. But the best part was the gigantic milling machine, that we could enter and see the machinery inside the mill.

At 12, it was time for the lunch in the canteen of PolyU. Some people were very happy with the fact that they could eat hamburgers, but rice was still a popular dish. After finishing the coffee we started our trip to HKUST (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology). Luckily we had a bus to take us as the weather started to become worse and worse. It was clear that the typhoon had reached Hong Kong and a lot of water was the result. HKUST is build for this type of weather as all the passages are sheltered for the rain, so we managed to reach the meeting point without getting wet.

At HKUST we were first introduced to the department of electronics and computer engineering and their interests in PhD students. We had some discussions about the differences between the two universities and finally were able to visit some labs. First up was the fabrication lab of the university where students could produce their own sensors. This took a little longer than planned as some students got lost on the way to the lab. Next stop was the robotics lab of the department. Here they were mostly looking at the image processing of drones and industrial robots.

After this tour we took our group photo and went on our trip home. The very kind bus driver dropped us of at the main entrance so no one felt a raindrop! From this moment on everyone could do whatever they want. Some went to take a nap, some decided to try the Michelin star restaurant in Hong Kong and eventually a group ended in the bar street of Hong Kong, Lan Kwai Fong. It was cleared that people here love to party even with a typhoon going on as there was music everywhere. It was a fun night to close the last company visits of this tour.