Today we visited Macau, Macau is the gameling center of asia. But it hasn’t been for long. It formerly was a colony of portugal and served as a trading post. It stayed under potuguese contrul until 1999 this is one of the reasons why al signs and other writen text on the island are in Chinese and in Portugese. We took the TurboJet to the northen part of macau, where the old portugese city is located, there we saw the remains of the old church and the fortress. We where supposed to meet at 18.30 at “the Golden Peacock” a restaurant located in The Venetian one of the giant casinos. But every one got stuck in the trafic / misjudged the time needed to go from the northen island to the south or just took the wrong bus. But after rescheduling our reservation everyone made it there “in time”.

The diner was very nice, maybe this was because the Golden Peacock has a michlin star since 2014. After the diner everyone was free to do whatever they liked. Most visited the casino located in the same building to gamble a bit or just to watch others play. The Venetian has a canal on the second floor (divided into three parts) that goes around the casino. Most of us took the Turbo Jet back to Hong Kong, but due to some unkown circumstaqnces the first group’s ship returned to the harbor 10min after departure. After a very long hour their ship finily departed for the second time, this time the trip went without any troubles. This all happend while our group (the last group) was waiting on their boat that was planned for 04:00. But luckily for us the boat of 02:30 had some sudden seats left.